The LGPro 2024 Positive Ageing & Wellbeing Seminar will be held on Thursday 21 March at Q Events, 123 Queen Street, Melbourne. 

This seminar features presentations and workshops tailored to the diverse professionals that make up the positive ageing and wellbeing fields, including (but not limited to) those in community development, diversity, city futures, service delivery, planning, and sector development.

The event has been developed for both councils that provide in-home care and aged care facility services as well as those that have exited the service delivery space to focus on community health and positive ageing. 

The theme of ‘Mindset Change’ focuses on changing attitudes, both internally and externally. It looks at shifting perceptions of ageing and influencing officers working across council areas to better understand the needs of their communities, encouraging greater inclusion.  

The Awards Cocktail Reception, held immediately following the Positive Ageing & Wellbeing Seminar, is an opportunity for industry peers to celebrate their colleagues’ achievements and to recognise the work of the sector’s innovating individuals and teams. It also a unique opportunity to network with colleagues from across local governments (with substantial canapes in tow).


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